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Are you ready to transform your health & your life?

Gain energy, vitality, and joy with a truly holistic plan that is designed specifically for YOU!

Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by all the things you’re supposed to do to be healthy?

Then maybe those things aren’t meant for you.

If the healthy food you’re eating doesn’t make you feel any better (and sometimes makes you feel worse), and the things you used to do to stay fit just don’t seem to work like they used to, then maybe you need a new approach. A BETTER approach. A plan designed specifically for you, that takes into consideration all of the demands that life’s placed on you, and helps you find your own unique balance.

Work with me!

Good Food Karma Services

Focus & Transform

1:1 Nutrition and Ayurveda

    One-on-one sessions that get you to your goals:

      • Utilize holistic methodologies including nutrition and Ayurveda
      • Are held virtually from the comfort of your own home
      • Include written and/or visual materials to help support you in your transformation
      • Offer a variety of follow-up options to help keep you accountable
      Explore & Evolve

      Group Events

      Classes, workshops, and speaking engagements to enhance your skills and knowledge:

      • Provide a fun, gentle introduction to the Good Food Karma transformative process
      • Are held virtually or in-person
      • Cover a variety of topics and can be tailored to the needs of your group

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      What is Ayurveda?

      Approximately 5,000 years old, Ayurveda is the oldest system of healing in the world. It originated in India, and is often called the “sister” science to yoga; however, since the word Ayurveda can be translated as “the science of life,” I call it the “mother,” because life includes everything we come into contact with – not just what kind of food, exercise or relaxation we do, which is where a lot of holistic programs stop. Ayurvedic recommendations are highly individualized and focus on bringing you back to your “natural state” – what is normal and ideal for you.
      Understand Your Unique Needs

      A Big Breakthrough

      "What a wonderful experience it was to work with Julie! Warm, compassionate, and excellent listener. A great teacher and coach throughout this experience...through Julie's education and support, I was able to understand my unique body composition and balance...this was a big breakthrough for me. I would highly recommend Julie and Ayurveda practices to anyone seeking health and well-being!"

      - Chris, 1:1 Nutrition and Ayurveda

      Improve Digestive Issues

      Simple Steps That Were Immediately Helpful

      "I recently came to Julie as a client seeking advice and guidance for eating and digestive issues. She was warm and caring, easy to talk to and very understanding. Her extensive training and decades of experience were evident in her analysis of my complaints. She gave me some rather simple steps to implement right away, that were immediately helpful. She helped me lay out some long term changes and encouraged me to progress at my own pace changing only one or two things at a time. That was and is very helpful.

      I appreciate Julie’s wholistic approach melding western science with eastern wisdom and age old practices that work! I highly recommend Julie and wish I had consulted her earlier. She helped me change for the better."

      - C.D., 1:1 Nutrition and Ayurveda

      Transform in All Aspects of Life

      A Completely New Outlook

      "Working with Julie has given me a completely new outlook. She has shown me how to make healthier choices in all aspects of my life, including nutrition. I am so grateful for Julie's help!"

      - Samantha, 1:1 Nutrition and Ayurveda

      Explore with Group Events

      Another Great Talk

      "Another great talk! So much interest and compliments that I received about diet and nutrition and you. Everyone wants to see you!"

      - Cheryl, Group Events

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      hi there!

      I'm Julie

      Registered Dietitian Nutritionist & Ayurvedic Health Counselor

      I’m on a mission to make Ayurveda a household word and help you transform your health and your life! After nearly 25 years seeking the nutrition holy grail – the one key to health and wellness that would be the panacea for everyone – what I found was that there is no one thing. Every person is unique, and your diet and lifestyle should honor that.

      How it Works

      Transform in 3 Simple Steps


      Step 1:

      Book a Free Discovery Call

      Find out about Good Food Karma and see if it’s the right fit for you

      Step 2:

      Create an Action Plan

      Together we’ll map out a path to get you to your goals

      Step 3:


      Experience the effects that your new lifestyle has in all areas of your life

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