What is Good Food Karma?

Published on: 01/09/2015


A few years back I was reading a book that talked about karma. It described karma not as some sort of punishment that we have to fear, which is how I usually hear the word (incorrectly) used, but as an act or thought that keeps us from reaching our true potential. These acts and thoughts are of our own making – we create obstacles for ourselves. I found the concept interesting, because if we create the obstacle, then couldn’t we also remove it? The obstacles described were things like hating or loving something, lack of knowledge, and believing that something is important when it really is not. I thought how this related to food:

  • A woman I counseled loved soda and believed she couldn’t live without it
  • A child in one of my classes hated vegetables and wouldn’t try them
  • My patients with high blood pressure don’t know that adding more fruits and vegetables to their diets can help their problem
  • Millions of people are convinced through marketing that a food is good for them when it actually is not

In each of these examples, if we removed the obstacle (for example, if the woman realized that soda was not really as important as she had convinced herself it was), then the behavior would change, and wouldn’t that be one less thing that we would have to struggle with? Yet we hold fast to our obstacles, even though they don’t help us at all. If only my clients could break through these obstacles, I thought, then they would feel “enlightened” – in both mind and body! The behavior would change, and their health would improve.

My goal is to help you remove your obstacles, so that you can solve your food issues once and for all. And as we take this journey together, another benefit will emerge. That enlightenment I talked about will shine into other areas of your life, because removing obstacles means moving towards your true, unaffected, and unburdened self. It is more than just simply changing a bad habit; it is a deeper understanding, a shift in consciousness, and a sense of liberation. In this place there is a freedom to truly embrace the many joys of life, including one of my obvious favorites – food! Because food is a joy, and when we are able to make decisions about what we eat, unhindered by our obstacles, we start to choose what is naturally good for us, which moves us to our true potential. The end result is Good Food Karma.

Btw – If you are interested in the book I was reading, you can find it here.


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